(ModelPov) Haley Blonde Cowgirl Wannabe Model


Modelpov.com Haley cowgirl free full length video. Haley, amazing 18 year old looking for a part time job with horses in Arkansas decides to give modeling a try. We arrange for a meeting near a local hardware store and talk business. At no time did I expect anything from her, just a quick casual chat to see if she wanted to work. Just as I was leaving, I thought, “wait a minute, this girl just drive and hour to meet me”. I asked her if she wanted to make some cash since she drove so far, she smile and said yes. So anyway, enjoy as the two of us do our 1st and only shoot together, acting as a couple, flirting, sucking on her firm B/C cup titties and then me asking her if she’s okay with kissing my cock. Though she has a boyfriend/fiance at the time, she takes a second to think about it and says “yes”. I was shocked and hurried to undo my pants. The rest is video shooting history as this gorgeous 18 year old blows me in her boyfriend’s truck. I mean, I even push deep and feel the back of her throat. No gagging. no issues for her as the head of my cock slid down. Such talent! I hurry as we are in a public place and behind the store, there’s no telling who might come out the back doors. I feel my cum surging, blowing my load deep in her mouth, feeling her suction and texture of her pretty tongue rubbing the head. She keeps suctioning every drop out, as she pulls off, she has swallowed every drop of my essence. Amazing, she smiles and laughs then she realizes…. Ah shit, I just cheated on my boyfriend and have to go home to him now. Magical moment in time captured and now shared with all of you. Enjoy!

MomPov Model Name:: Haley (Cowgirl) ModelPov